Sound Scholars™ Otter Pod

Otter Pod is our no-cost early childhood music program for preschoolers.

Class description:

Great Bend Center for Music’s early childhood program, Sound Scholars™, provides free, daily, online music instruction in the internationally acclaimed El Sistema model. For an overview of the program, click here to learn more and to watch a short video with highlights from class, an introduction to teachers, and an interview with a Sound Scholars’ family.

Otters (Pre-K) and Otter Pups (18 months – 3 years) students learn that they are already musicians; that they can already find and feel the beat, tell high from low, and fast from slow. Through games, exercises, songs, and yes — even composition assignments — learners come together to explore the primary elements of music making and notation while also discovering their own initial musical preferences and strengths.


Classes are 30 minutes long and students attend every weekday during the ten week term in Winter, Spring and Fall (along with a three week winter Holiday Term). Students can enroll anytime during the year, and most families attend year-round. Families can choose from any of the following following time slots when registering:

Otters (Pre-K):

Otter Pups (18 months – 3 years):

Class requirements:

While there is no enrollment fee or tuition, participation requires parental/family support during and between class sessions, a tablet or laptop, and a strong internet connection.

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